Top Ten – Year by Year

When I first made a top ten list, I just looked at overall statistics. By now (2020), it became obvious that some older, well established posts that score high on Google will probably always dominate that list, so I decided that the top ten would be more interesting to look at if it only included posts published in any given year. The first such list was for 2019.

This page shows the top tens of the earlier years. An eclectic collection – and not bad at all. 🙂

You can find the overall Top Ten here.

Top Ten 2018

  1. Socrates and the Flute
  2. Four Seasons in Japan – with Matsuo Basho
  3. Ode to Santorini
  4. Don Quijote y el ventero andaluz (Don Quijote and the Andalusian Inn-keeper)
  5. Submarine!
  6. The History of England in a Dozen Maps (La historia de Inglaterra en doce mapas)
  7. Matar a Leonardo da Vinci (To Kill Leonardo da Vinci)
  8. The Lights at Kew Gardens (Las luces de Kew Gardens)
  9. Aristotle on Homer
  10. Out of This World: The Brighton Space Elevator

Top Ten 2017

  1. Salamis (According to Herodotus)
  2. Ice Station (An Antarctic Thriller)
  3. Sailing the Aegean with Odysseas Elytis
  4. My Love-Hate Relationship with Caravaggio
  5. The Case for the Elgin Marbles
  6. The Persian Letters of Montesquieu
  7. The Battle of Salamis: Retold in Poetry II
  8. The Lament of King Roderick (La lamentación de don Rodrigo)
  9. The Battle of Marathon (According to Herodotus)
  10. Canoeing in the Wilderness

Top Ten 2016

  1. Spain from the Bar: Interview with Joan Planas
  2. Soft Lands Breed Soft Men: The Persian Choice
  3. How to Fail as a Blogger (In Five Easy Steps)
  4. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
  5. Five Books You Shouldn’t Read
  6. The Moorish King Rides Up and Down
  7. Oranges Like Blazing Fire
  8. The Best Stories of Herodotus (And Why You’re Going to Read Them)
  9. España desde el bar (Spain from the Bar)
  10. Venice in Black & White

Top Ten 2015

  1. Tolstoy, Mario Vargas Llosa, My Grandmother & Me (On War & Peace)
  2. A Trial of Freedom (Best Stories of Herodotus)
  3. The Little Prince
  4. Herodotus and the Persian Wars
  5. The Great Siege: Malta 1565
  6. Night Flight
  7. The Battle of Thermopylae: Who, Where, How (The Best Stories of Herodotus)
  8. The Book I’ve Never Read
  9. Taking the Prado to Atocha Station
  10. Ransom