Top Ten 2019


As I mentioned when compiling last year’s top ten, the list made me realise that what is wanted is actually a top ten that was published in 2019 – otherwise it is dominated by well established posts from earlier years. None of the post that I actually wrote in 2019 made it to the overall top ten.

So here comes the genuine 2019 Top Ten (based on number of views):

Top Ten 2019

  1. Call No Man Happy
  2. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam & La Rubaiyát de Omar Khayyam
  3. Woe Is Me, Alhama!
  4. A Brief (Literary) History of the Reconquista
  5. Asturias Is Spain…
  6. Twelve Books in Twelve Months (2018)
  7. Aristotle on Comedy and Tragedy (Aristóteles sobre la comedia y la tragedia)
  8. The View from My Window II (La vista desde mi ventana II)
  9. Vulcano, la forja de los dioses & Vulcano, the Forge of Gods
  10. The Seven Princes of Lara

Bottom Ten

The devil in me said that we should also look at the bottom ten… 🙂

  1. Pizarro & Atahualpa
  2. In the Desert
  3. Why You Shouldn’t Lose Your Shield (Porqué no deberías perder tu escudo)
  4. Integrity
  5. The Suez Canal
  6. Appreciating Russians
  7. Tacitus vs the Newspapers
  8. The Only Way to Die
  9. La compañía de Cristo (Christ’s Company)
  10. Octubre (October)

But when I did, I found, and perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, that most of these were published in the last quarter of the year, so perhaps bottom ten is not quite as informative as it could be… (Except that they all seem to be quotes of the week!)

Still – here’s to another year of blogging!
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