Out Of This World: The Brighton Space Elevator

After more than half a year of limiting myself to taking holiday photos, last week I suddenly remembered that I used to work my way through the 2016 Dogwood Photography Challenge. For those of you who don’t know, this is a 52-week challenge aimed at helping you to become a better photographer (it’s been extended to 2017 and now 2018 as well) and you can thank it for the only picture of me that you’re ever going to see on this blog – due to the fact that the week 1 challenge required a self-portrait…

Week 12 challenge of Dogwood 2016 on the other hand is Transportation. Since my interest doesn’t really run to cars, trains and such, I’ve been looking to capture a photo of a ship or an aeroplane (something better, hopefully, than the hundreds I’ve already taken). But then last week the Daily Post offered up the title Out Of This World for their weekly photo challenge.

On the theme of Transportation Out of This World, then, I’ll give you the Brighton Space Elevator. (Better known officially as British Airways i360.)


All photos taken by iPhone 5s. Sorry about the smudges on the glass of the ‘elevator’ spoiling the view a bit but you can’t really complain about sunshine in February…!

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