Lockdown Diaries: Day 67 (Anywhere But Lancashire)

Locked Down in Lancashire, Day 67:

Up on the motorway to Lancashire – instead of having fun in Spain as once planned – to attend to some family affairs while we’re still on holiday. At least we’re now also allowed non-essential travel, so we hope to fit in some hiking too!

Virtual Escape: Anywhere But Lancashire

Lancashire seemed a good place to take you on an escape today… but Mr Anglo-Saxonist objected. He doesn’t want me to tell you about his favourite places X, Y and Z, least it should encourage you to visit them! So could you all please continue to believe that Lancashire is still full of dark satanic mills and go visit the Yorkshire Dales instead? 🙂

Yorkshire Dales [Photo by George Hodan via Public Domain Photos CC0]
(Since I’m too busy travelling to do a proper post anyway…!)

Other Places You Could Visit in England:12 Amazing Things To See in Cornwall, England10 Beautiful Places to Visit in East SussexLake District
Keep safe, keep sane – enjoy the countryside if you can! 🙂

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