Lockdown Diaries: Day 66 (I Brought My Life This Far)

Locked Down in London, Day 66: Politicians

For the past few days, the row about whether a certain politician who broke the lockdown rules by travelling to visit family at some 200 miles’ distance (for childcare reasons) should resign.

In the circumstances I don’t believe that his reason for travelling was acceptable; but that’s just my personal opinion. What I do know for a fact on the other hand is that my family made sacrifices in the interest of public health instead of doing what was the best for us (as I believe did many others!) – while this mother****** did the exact opposite. Ergo, he should resign.

(Of course he won’t.)

Virtual Escape: I Brought My Life This Far

But let’s not think about sordid politicians… Trite as it sounds, it nevertheless is true: the crisis caused by the coronavirus gave many of us the opportunity to pause in the rat race and reflect on our lives. Some people of course are capable of doing this without a major crisis locking them into their houses… 🙂

The following poem is by Odysseas Elytis, a Greek poet who won the Nobel-Prize for literature:

I brought my life this far
To this spot that sruggles
Always near the sea
Youth upon the rocks, breast
To breast against the wind
Where is a man to go
Who is nothing but a man
Calculating with dews his green
Moments, with water the visions
Of his hearing, with wings his remorses
Ah Life
Of a child who becomes a man
Always near the sea when the sun
Teaches him to breathe whither
A seagull’s shadow is effaced.

I brought my life this far
White measuring ink-black sum
A few trees and a few
Wet pebbles
Light fingers to caress a brow
What brow
Anticipations wept all night and are no more
There is no one
Would that a free footstep be heard
That rested voice arise
That sterns splash the jetty writing
A name more glaucous in their horizon
A few years a few waves
Sensitive rowing
In the bays surrounding love.

I brought my life this far
Bitter groove in the sand that will be effaced
—Whoever saw two eyes touch his silence
And mingled with their sunshine enclosing a thousand worlds
May he remind other suns of his blood
Nearer the light
There is a smile that fills the flame—
But here in the unknowing landscape that gets lost
In a sea open and pitiless
Success moults
Whirlwinds of feathers
And of moments that were bound to soil
Hard soil beneath impatient
Soles, earth made for vertigo
Or a dead volcano.

I brought my life this far
A stone dedicated to the watery element
Farther than the islands
Lower than the waves
Neighbouring the anchors
—When keels pass by passionately cutting through
A new obstacle and conquer it
And hope with all its dolphins dawns
Sun’s profit in the human heart—
The nets of doubt draw in
A form of salt
Indifferent white
Hewn with effort
Which turns towards the sea the voids of its eyes
And supports infinity.

(Odysseas Elytis: Anniversary)

Keep safe, keep sane – pause to think… 🙂

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