Government (El gobierno)

Quote of the Day / La cita del día

We start the new year with England out of the EU and most of the governments of the world clueless…

Empezamos el año nuevo con Inglaterra fuera de la UE y con muchos de los gobiernos del mundo despistados…

Lao Tzu (6th century BC)

The government that seems the most unwise,
Oft goodness to the people best supplies,
That which is meddling, touching everything,
Will work but ill, and disappointment bring.

(Tao Te King, 58:1)

Cuando el gobierno es inactivo, el pueblo es diligente. Cuando el gobierno es activo, el pueblo es indolente. 

(Tao Te King: LVIII)

2 thoughts on “Government (El gobierno)

  1. Andrew Mylko

    In this court decisions are made by majority vote; however, experience has shown it is better to go by the opinion of the minority, which is perfectly natural, for the number of righteous judges is very small, and every one agrees that those with poor judgment are too numerous to count.
    (Montesquieu: Persian Letters, Letter 84)

    Of the opinions I encounter, only a minority support Brexit. So…

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