Top Ten 2019


As I mentioned when compiling last year’s top ten, the list made me realise that what is wanted is actually a top ten that was published in 2019 – otherwise it is dominated by well established posts from earlier years. None of the post that I actually wrote in 2019 made it to the overall top ten.

So here comes the genuine 2019 Top Ten (based on number of views):

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Top Ten

Well, it looks like I’ve lived to be able to publish another year’s top ten list. 🙂

The top ten most read posts from last year – but are they the best ones? Well, you’ll have to decide that for yourselves.

  1. The Moorish King Rides Up and Down
  2. Soft Lands Bread Soft Men: The Persian Choice
  3. A Bear of Very Little Brain (The World According to Pooh)
  4. Salamis (According to Herodotus)
  5. The Battle of Marathon (According to Herodotus)
  6. Sailing the Aegean with Odysseas Elytis
  7. Sappho: Midnight Poem (Fragment 48)
  8. Pablo Neruda Explains a Few Things
  9. Four Seasons in Japan – with Matsuo Basho
  10. The Harper’s Song: Enjoying Life after Death in Ancient Egypt

The Moorish king continues to ride up and down through Granada’s royal town – its popularity explained by the fact that it has now been put on the reading list of two universities (one American, one Australian, IIRC). Every September, the views soar. I’ve written more and better informed posts about Spanish historical ballads since; I’m still waiting for the university lecturers to notice them. 🙂

Apart from the very personal thoughts of the Bear with Very Little Brain, the top ten continues to be dominated by Herodotus (numbers 2, 4 and 5) and, increasingly, by poetry (1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10). Baffling, because I don’t think I write an awful lot of posts about poetry… but what I do write is evidently popular!

I notice that actually none of the top ten overall have been written this year, which  – while perhaps understandable – makes the top ten list a bit repetitive each year. So I think we will actually need a new kind of list. Like :

A Top Ten – Published in 2019

Coming soon!

You can see the Overall Top Ten from previous years here.

Top (?) Ten

Lies, damned lies and statistics.

(Source disputed¹)

The quote – whoever it was who first came up with it – says it all: you should take statistics with a pinch of salt. (Even better, understand what they truly mean.) Nevertheless, if you’re a blogger, it’s rather difficult to ignore the statistics; and the other day I took a look at what posts were the most popular – that means most visited – in the past few years.

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