Lockdown Diaries: Cinnamon Swirl

My swimming pool has finally reopened at the end of July.

The negatives?

  • You have to book
  • You can only book one session per day
  • Each session is only half an hour

The positives?

  • You’re allowed to use the changing room (far too many pools expect you to get home on the bus in a wet swimsuit or change in their car park)
  • The changing room and the showers have never been cleaner!

But my swimming app has been shut down as of May 31st, due to coronavirus. It used to track my swims, adding up the distances and match them onto a Google map:

Saved from oblivion… a screenshot of one of my completed swimming challenges

Before the app disintegrated on my phone, I managed to copy out the list of the swimming challenges (completed and uncompleted) but not the associated maps… Today I spent 3 fruitless hours on the internet trying to find out where in the world the intriguingly named Cinnamon Swirl challenge (175,665 m) is supposed to be taking place.

I don’t see much point in swimming 175,665 metres without being able to imagine the scenery…

…so I pretended to swim in the Serpentine (Hyde Park) instead.

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