The Fifth Anniversary

The blog turned five years old today: I never thought I’d get this far!

Along the way,

  • I’ve read a lot of good books (check out the Reading Log)
  • shared some great quotes (why not browse through the section on Books & Literature?)
  • wrote some great posts (too many to list here)
  • and some not so great ones (well, I’m not going to draw your attention to those)
  • I even shared some hard won blogging wisdom.

Most importantly, I had a good time:

It is a most wonderful comfort to sit alone beneath a lamp, book spread before you, and commune with someone from the past whom you have never met.

Yoshida Kenko: A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Trees
(Essays in Idleness)

I hope you did too! 🙂 Whichever of these countries you came from:

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