Lockdown Diaries: Day 61 (Give Me My Aegean)

Locked Down in London: Open Letter to Boris

Dear Boris,

Today I had a long, hard day at work in an overheated office (our patio) and in my well considered opinion this lockdown sucks, sucks and sucks some more.

I know you’re very busy so I’ll be brief: I want water. Not from the tap! I want to go to the beach; if not that, then to the river; if not that, to the lido; if not that, at least to the pool where I’m a member.

Virtual Escape: Give Me My Aegean

While we’re waiting for Boris to reply…


The hour when the little boat enters the sea cave, and after dazzling light you suddenly find yourself closed inside a freezing blue-green mint.

A little terrace. Among the flower pots of Geraniums, a rose-coloured dome, white arches, masts weaving the sky, Delos.

Sailing along the island at high noon. Your naked arms burn on the gunwhale. And continually, the little scallop-coves unfold one after the other until finally the big cove with the white crown at its heads spreads out before you.

Light-hued the tremulous waves and dark, heavy, opposite the conical boulder. A motor-caïque’s putt-putt is heard as unseen it passes by.

(Excerpts from What One Loves (Snapshots) by Odysseas Elytis)

Recommended Book:The Collected Poems of Odysseas Elytis
Keep safe, keep sane – keep sharing! 🙂

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