Lockdown Diaries: Day 41 (Virtual Museums)

Locked Down in London, Day 41: Homeschooling

An Ofsted inspector inspected his own homeschooling arrangements and found his school ‘appalling’:

The headteacher is eminently qualified but is regularly seen wearing nothing but dressing gowns and underpants. This sets a very poor example to the pupils. Also in the evening, both members of staff are often observed drinking alcohol in front of the pupils…

Read more (BBC)

Virtual Escape: Virtual Museums

How about going to the museum today? Which we can only visit virtually of course!

There are lots of candidates for a day at the museum, actually. Some of the museums are doing a great job in trying to make their websites more engaging and their collections genuinely accessible online. You’ll find a selection of links below.

In the meantime, enjoy this fleeting visit to the British Museum – sadly they’re not one of those whose website rose to the challenge of virtual museum visits! (Click the gallery to enlarge the pictures.)

Virtual Museums:National Gallery, LondonMuseo del Prado, MadridRoyal Museums GreenwichScience Museum, LondonHistoric Dockyard, Chatham
Keep safe, keep sane – visit a virtual museum!

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