Lockdown Diaries: Day 38 (Sketches of Spain)

Locked Down in London, Day 38: A Hair Cut

Well, I could really do with one by now… what about you?

Virtual Escape: Sketches of Spain (A Passing City)

Let’s lay back on the grass in the garden or the park (whichever you can get to) and play Miles Davis:

Today we’re escaping to an inaccessible Spain – and not just inaccessible because of the coronavirus but because the Spain of a while ago: we’re going to tag on to one of Federico García Lorca’s field trips around Spain with his university literature professor in 1916-17.

Lorca’s prose is like reading poetry, and his Sketches of Spain go very well with Miles Davis’s.


Blue sky. Sunny tranquility. Gleaming white sheep scramble between the gums of fortified walls and leave a vaporous haze of silver in their wake. The city rings its metallic horns as mellifluous as immeasurable honey.

Wrought iron… Explosions of solemnity. Austere, noble, rather squat, their bells still, the lordly churches profiled against the smoke curling from chimneys are triumphs of Romanticism, their weathervanes are crosses, hearts of snakes, their realm of gold hidden under mossy green… The hills’ monstrous claws are like yellow opals… The light shimmers over the medieval city… Things are in musical repose…. It is a bright morning.

(Federico Garcia Lorca: Sketches of Spain)

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Keep safe, keep sane – keep sharing! 🙂

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