Lockdown Diaries: Day 35 (Dockside)

Locked Down in London, Day 35: A Day in the Office

A day in the office nowadays consists of: opening our new parasol, putting out the seat cushions, setting out the laptop hood, and then carting out the work laptop and assorted necessary paraphernalia to settle down for the day in the garden, typing away merrily (okay, perhaps not so merrily), next to the lilac tree. And then a family lunch, again in the garden, followed by more work, before it’s time to pack the lot away, and buzz off for a walk in the neighbouring streets.

I think I could get used to working from home, especially on sunny days… although I do miss my swimming with almost physical pain by now!

Virtual Escape: Dockside

Nobody reads blogs on Friday night – well, I suppose I hope nobody does, meaning that everybody has better things to do with family and housemates even in these sadly limited times!

But just in case there’s anybody around in need of escaping: today we’re escaping to the dockside. When I was a child, I used to spend lazy summer hours sitting on the embankments of the Danube watching history flow by – I can regonise the sentiment in today’s poem:


by Amna Ahmed

Sat by the water for hours. Watched nothing but water, how it was spelt out by light;

its mass like silk blown in slow-moving wind,

or the glitter of fisted diamonds that flickered and kicked
as the waves caught the light
from the bounce of the sun and I squinted my eyes and saw every one

of those diamonds that tickled and swam,

or how the light lay like a curve
in a ripple of time, on that wet pool
and I thought of a painter
jig-sawing brushstrokes of yellow
over the salty sea-blue.

(Can you even remember the times when you could just walk or take public transport to go wherever you felt like?)

Further Reading:
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Keep safe, keep sane –  keep reading poetry!

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