Lockdown Diaries: Day 26 (Kew Gardens)

Locked Down in London, Day 26: In a Garden Suburb

I’m one of those lucky people who are blessed with living in a leafy suburb. I usually deprecate this fact because I’m a genuine city girl from Budapest and god, is it boring living in a leafy suburb where there is nothing but streets and streets of identical suburban houses and if you want to buy a bloody pair of socks, you have to go to a boring mall an hour’s distance away or to an overcrowded Oxford Street (even farther away).

But today it was sunny and it’s spring and I’m still officially on holiday… and the gardens of these boring suburban houses, full of blooming tulips and trees in flower, looked so spectacular that I wanted to video my entire walk.

Virtual Escape: Kew Gardens

So today we’re escaping to a Kew Gardens in full spring bloom!

⇒ In case the embedded video doesn't work for you, click here: Spring at Kew Gardens
Keep safe, keep sane – keep looking at the flowers!

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