Lockdown Diaries: Day 20 (Dolphin Watch)

Locked Down in Lancashire, Day 20:

With the police becoming increasingly arsy about people going out to take the fresh air on some remote but scenic spot, today we went nowhere (apart from the supermarket)!

Virtual Escape: Dolphin Watch

Instead we carry on with our virtual holiday – the one that got cancelled because of coronavirus:

After yesterday’s hard hike on the Route of the Volcanoes, today we’re taking it easy…  so we’re going on a 3-hour boat trip around La Palma to do a spot of dolphin and whale watching. And because this is an imaginary trip, we will be most definitely lucky enough to see lots of dolphins!

La Palma boat tours on Tripadvisor
Keep safe, keep sane – watch a David Attenborough DVD! 🙂

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