Pretentious Beginnings

It’s hard to believe – especially given how small the readership is – but the blog is actually turning 3 years old this month. This prompted me to look back on the early days and I have to admit: I was the typical swaggering, pretentious, self-important blogger who thinks that her opinion matters.

Er… nothing changed there then.

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Well, we’re bloggers. Of course we fancy ourselves better than mere journalists… who do this for a living… I mean, you know, they get paid and stuff!

It was my very first ‘blog’ post. I typed it into Mr Anglo-Saxonist’s website editor and then I published it to my desktop (giving a whole new meaning to the concept of desktop publishing). Why? Because I read a magazine article and of course I could do better…

Why Not To Blog About Books (Pride & Prejudice)
Sketches of Spain by Federico García Lorca

I might have been dismissive of journalistic efforts but mercifully I did stop short of trying to compete with Federico García Lorca. When I didn’t have anything to say, at least I had the good sense to stick to quoting… (It did help that I didn’t have n number of columns to fill.)

Federico García Lorca was a GREAT poet – as is evident from his prose. (Try it, try it!)

Sketches of Spain: GranadaSketches of Spain: Castile
Commander: The Life & Exploits of Britains Greatest Frigate Captain by Stephen Taylor

There is always a post where it all unravels. My attempt at a review of this entertaining biography of Edward Pellew is a classic example of how not to write…

⇒ Commander (Or Reading Books on History)

In fact, it was so bad it spawned two other posts:

A Digression on PepysThe Novel Life of Britain's Greatest Frigate Captain

Well, here’s to another year of self-importance… I mean to say, blogging!

Throwback Thursday:
Revisiting posts from the early days of Waterblogged

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