Mary Rose

Guess the Picture

A week ago I shared this photo with you:

Adivina la imagen

Hace una semana compartí esta foto con vosotros:

Any idea what it is? No need to guess any more, just read on.

Alguna idea ¿de qué es? Pues no tenéis que hacer más conjeturas – solo tenéis que seguir leyendo.

The Shipwrecked Mary Rose

The picture of last week was of the Mary Rose – a warship of Henry VIII which sank in the Solent in 1545 as she was sailing into battle against the invading French.

El naufragado Mary Rose

La foto de la semana pasada fue del Mary Rose – un buque de guerra del Enrique VIII, que naufragó en el Solent en 1545 mientras estaba navegando para entrar en batalla contra los invasores franceses.

She was raised from the bottom of the sea in 1982 and it took decades of preservation work before she could exhibited. You can see the remains of the hull as well as the many objects recovered from on board in the Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth.

El Mary Rose fue levantado del fondo del mar en 1982 y los arqueólogos tardaron décadas en su trabajo de preservación antes de que se pueda expuesto el buque. Puedes ver los restos del casco con los muchos objetos rescatados de bordo en el Museo de Royal Navy en Portsmouth.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge fotos. / Haz click en la fotos para ampliar.)

In addition to the Mary Rose, in Portsmouth you can also visit HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar, not to mention some submarines… Besides which Portsmouth continues to be a naval harbour to this day, and who knows? If you’re lucky, you might even get to see the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in port at the same time…

Además del Mary Rose, en Portsmouth puedes visitar HMS Victory, el buque insignia de Nelson en Trafalgar, no mencionar algunos submarinos… Adicionalmente, hoy en día Portsmouth sigue ser un puerto naval, y ¿qué sé yo? Si tienes suerte, puedes ver el nuevo portaaviones HMS Queen Elizabeth en puerto a la vez… 

The past and future of the Royal Navy together.

El pasado y el futuro de la Royal Navy juntos.

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2 thoughts on “Mary Rose

  1. belshade

    Enjoyed your nostalgic trip to Portsmouth. I lived there for a year in 1972. They had just begun bringing up pieces of the Mary Rose.My daughter spent a few days on the Foudroyant – an old wooden man-o-war. I spent a day at sea on the aircraft carrier Ark Royal – she must be a museum piece now! In 1990 on a visit from NZ I visited the Mary Rose in her museum- also HMS Warrior. “Pompey” is a great city for naval memories. Des.

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