View Through the Periscope (HMS Ocelot)

Far from the best photo I’ve ever taken but how often do you get to look through the periscope of a submarine?

The view through the periscope of HMS Ocelot, an Oberon-class diesel-electric submarine, in Chatham Historic Dockyard:

View through the periscope of HMS Ocelot in Chatham Historic Dockyard

I took four shots after everyone else moved on to the next compartment of the submarine and this is the fourth. The first three were hopelessly overexposed and I had to hold the camera in such an awkward position that my hands were shaking. I tensed my muscles and held my breath, and managed to come away with a picture. 🙂

Admittedly the view through the periscope of a submarine in dry-dock is not quite as exciting as what the captain must have got to see during the Cold War: you can see half of HMS Gannet (the stern), a crane  and the side of the building that houses the RNLI lifeboats.

Another day we’ll talk about a few good books set on submarines while we look at what HMS Ocelot is like inside & outside.

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In response to: Unusual, a photo challenge by The Daily Post.

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