Quote of the Week

When I was a teenager, I kept a notebook into which I copied quotes… (Which one  of us didn’t?) I suspect that most of those quotes were rather less clever than I thought at the time but as I didn’t keep the notebook, there’s no evidence against me.

Soon after I started blogging, I started to collect quotes again… but then couldn’t quite figure out how to incorporate them into the blog. Inspiration finally descended on me yesterday, so you can look forward to a new Monday feature by the highly original title of…er… Quote of the Week.

A note on the margin: 
Some of these quotes are not in English - I'll do my best to track down the English translation or at least to provide you with a home-made one. :)
Books in the library of Burleigh House, Stamford

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

    1. I already used that!… 🙂 There are a couple of quotes to come from Cervantes though. I think I’ll start with my favourite first lines of novels, so you can start thinking about your contribution to the topic! 🙂

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