Five Doorways in Seville (And What’s Behind Them)

Five doorways in Seville. Not doorways of fancy palaces or the Alcázar; just doorways in five houses I passed as I walked down the street. Enjoy. (Click to enlarge.)

The First:

The Second & The Third:
The Fourth:
And the Fifth:

As the proverb says:

Quien no ha visto Sevilla, no ha visto maravilla.

(Who hasn’t seen Seville, hasn’t seen a wonder.)

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10 thoughts on “Five Doorways in Seville (And What’s Behind Them)

    1. Yuo should visit… 🙂 Not only it’s a beautiful city, with a real joy of living but it’s also got tons of history.

      I’ve got like a thousand photos to sort through and at least a dozen posts to write to go with them, it’s just a question of finding the time to do it bit by bit. I think it will keep me happy blogging for a good while (what with all the other stuff as well)!

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    1. I’m glad you liked it! I also liked the iron work and – although they don’t show up well in the photos because of the lighting – the tiling along the sides of the entrances was also very nice, not to mention some of the fabulous patios behind! The first one with the fresco is my favourite although I could be influenced by the evening atmosphere – it just looks so cosy.

      There are more doors from Seville to come – all right, maybe some of them are more like archways and entrances – as I get round to it. 🙂

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  1. Great photos. I thought one was my house for a minute, or a second, then I remembered I moved a couple of years back. Joking aside, I live in the centre of sevilla for 10 years, on the outskirts now, no more pretty doorways, just houses, but not complaining. Thanks for some memories though.

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