Return from Spain

Sunset over Seville

Perhaps that is the travellers deepest melancholy, that the joy of return is always mixed with a felling that is harder to define, the feeling that the places you have ached for since you first saw them simply went on existing without you, that if you really wanted to hold them close you would have to stay with them for ever. But that would turn you into someone you cannot be, someone who stays at home, a sedentary being.

(Cees Nooteboom: Roads to Santiago)

The paradox of travel.

2 thoughts on “Return from Spain

  1. belshade

    Lovely picture. Thought-provoking statements about travel. I think nostalgically of places visited many years ago and am unlikely to see again. One consolation is that if I went back they would be so changed I would not enjoy them – or am I trying to “kid” myself? Des.


    1. Did you stop to consider that sometimes places change for the better? 🙂 Just a thought!

      I’d like to revisit many places that I’ve seen when I was young – for the very reason of wanting to see how they changed (or not as the case might be). How well my memory of them matches reality? Have they become a better place? Or have they been ruined?


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