Mediterranean Brilliance

Mediterranean brilliance hit me like a bolt of lightning; the whole of human life was enacted on a single, fabulous, public stage against a careless backdrop of thousands of years of sublime art. Colours, foods, markets, clothing, gestures, language: everything seemed more refined, more vivid, more vibrant…

(Cees Nooteboom)

13 thoughts on “Mediterranean Brilliance

          1. Sure. We re going to Poland to my family for Easter, but than in the end of the month we re flying to Thailand and Cambodia for 12days. We are really excited. Never been that far from Europe. You are lucky to be on the airport now! 😉

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            1. Yeah I’m really looking forward to Semana Santa… it’s supposed to be spectacular. I’m also looking forward to blogging about it afterwards. 🙂

              I do envy you for going to Cambodia 🇰🇭- never been but have friends from there… make sure you go and see Angkor Wat near Siemriep if at all possible!


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