Along the Thames (Black & White)

You might have thankfully forgotten but I’m working my way through the Dogwood 2016 photography challenge. I spared you Red (my efforts were dismal) and I’m not sharing Headshot because Sophisticated Young Lady, the only willing volunteer, is entitled to her privacy.

Which brings us to last week’s challenge: Landscape: Black & White. I went down to the Thames on Sunday afternoon; it was low tide.

An old boat towards Battersea on the south bank.

Prow of a Boat
Prow of a Boat – close-up


View from Lambeth Bridge:

View from Lambeth Bridge

And finally, I do believe this is a photographer taking advantage of the low tide!

Photographer at Low Tide

Lessons Learnt

  • None whatsoever as far as photography goes (but I practiced).
  • I learned that from the Palace of Westminster it’s much nicer to walk towards St Paul’s than towards Battersea (but I always suspected that, actually).
  • Something to consider: Are depressing subjects (such as derelict buildings, rusty boats and refugees) natural candidates for black & white photography? What do you think?

A Vote: Which of the Four is the Best?

10 thoughts on “Along the Thames (Black & White)

  1. Diy Dear

    I voted for the view from Lambeth Bridge because I think it looks more picturesque. The lighting looks brighter, like the sun is shining, making the water reflective and the clouds more defined. It’s a really great picture!

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    1. Thank you for your comment and voting! It’s very interesting to find out what others see in the pictures – it gives me ideas to consider as I’m trying to learn to become a better photographer.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment! I’m only trying to learn photography myself so I’m not sure how much my opinions are worth but I did look at your pictures.

      My favourites were the two Lake District ones (Scafell Pike and the bench under the tree) – I liked the way the foreground contrasted with the misty distance. I also liked the paper swirls although I’d be hard put to explain why! I think it worked very well in black & white.

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  2. It was really difficult to choose only one! Although they’re very different images taken at different angles I found the similarities in the compositions of the last two photos really interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So can I ask which one you voted for in the end? 🙂

      I had a look at the last two with your comment in mind, trying to see where the similarity that you noticed was but I have to admit the only thing I noticed was that I forgot to employ the ‘rule of the thirds’ in the last one!


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