In Defiance

Blogging experts tell me that for every 10 minutes I spend creating content I should spend 90 minutes  promoting.

I mulled over this all evening, in the company of a couple of glasses of red wine.

Photo via Pixabay [public domain]
Then I created content.

(Am I loser or what?)

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4 thoughts on “In Defiance

  1. Love writing, loathe promoting. I couldn’t sell water in a desert oasis. I’d have been all over the content too, so if you’re a loser, come have a seat next to me at the loser table! 😁 When you unlock the secret of successful promoting, let us all in on your secret, OK?

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    1. Well apparently you have to have all kinds of social media accounts (how that works – or doesn’t – see my post How to Fail as a Blogger 🙂) or piggyback on a more successful blogger (haven’t tried that yet).

      If anyone wants to give me the opportunity to piggyback on their blog, let me know! 🙂


    1. I agree about social media but I think if you want to ‘make it’ as a blogger, you have to promote your stuff. Maybe if you’re an absolute genius writing about what everyone wants to know about, then you don’t have to… as world will spread. But most of us are not in that category.

      Having said that, it would be nice to have more people to read my stuff but as I’m not trying to sell anything and I write it because it entertains me, it doesn’t matter so much. Besides I find promoting boring… Half the time I can’t even remember to put the link of the latest post on the blog’s Facebook page (bit of a letdown for those who follow there)!


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