Under Italian Influence: The Queen’s House in Greenwich

Today I’m going to depart a little from the usual topics to share instead some photos of the Queen’s House in Greenwich – built by one of England’s greatest architects, Inigo Jones. If you wonder why we’re looking at an English building on Mediterranean Monday, it’s because:

  1. The Queen’s House is the first pure, classical, Italianate building in England – which to English eyes at the time must have looked shockingly foreign
  2. Inigo Jones was heavily influenced by the classical architecture he saw in Italy in 1613-14, and in particular by the Italian architect Andrea Palladio
  3. It’s beautiful

Andrea Palladio (1508-1580)

The man who had such an influence on Inigo Jones was Andrea di Pietro della Gondola, later known as Andrea Palladio. 
Palladio started out as a humble stone-cutter but rose to become the chief architect of the Republic of Venice and his Four Books of Architecture became holy writ for generations of architects all over Europe. His architectural style was influenced by Roman architecture and concentrated on symmetry and proportion.

Enjoy! (Click on the images to enlarge.)

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