Last Year’s Best Reads? (Or Self-hosted vs Hosted)

In the past week I’ve been engaged in looking at my statistics… And since the blog moved from being self-hosted to during the year, I had to collate the statistics manually, a task during which I found myself evaluating the pros and cons of…

Self-hosted vs Hosted by

I enjoyed running my blog as a self-hosted venture, being able to customise to my heart’s content with all those neat little plugins – and no ads. Nevertheless, there came a point when I spent more time fixing software problems than I did blogging. Moving house was a major undertaking and it cost me some followers, all the likes and the search engine rankings to which I owed most of my traffic. (It was only in December, more than half-a-year after I completed the move that search engine traffic here started to match what it used to be at the old site.) On the plus side, I don’t miss having to tinker with the software on a daily basis, nor the painfully slow loading of the pages, nor the frequent and disheartening downtimes. Ultimately, giving up being self-hosted was the right move for me (and my everlasting gratitude to the support team at Jetpack who helped me with it – and without charging a penny).

And now the result of my statistics mongering: the most popular posts of last year.

If you missed any of them, here’s your chance to catch up! 🙂

Top Ten Reads

  1. Spain from the Bar: Interview with Joan Planas
  2. How to Fail as a Blogger (In 5 Easy Steps)
  3. Soft Lands Breed Soft Men: The Persian Choice
  4. Adventures in Spanish (Captain Alatriste)
  5. Five Books You Shouldn’t Read
  6. The Arsenal of Venice
  7. Riggers Aloft the Cutty Sark
  8. Tales of the Alhambra
  9. The Bible in Spain
  10. The Novel Life of Britain’s Greatest Frigate Captain

Top Ten Photo Posts

  1. Venice in Black & White
  2. Malta in Black & White
  3. London Street at Night
  4. Venice in Black & White II
  5. The British Museum Goes B&W (A Different Point of View)
  6. The Caldera of Santorini
  7. Greece in Black & White
  8. Ratlines (Up the Mast)
  9. Christmas Lights on the Cutty Sark
  10. Hills (And What People Built On Them)

Lessons for the Future?

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that most read and most liked are not necessarily the same (the lists above are a collation of the two). Nor does it take a genius to realise that most read is heavily dependent on publicity (shares on social media or high search rankings)… while most liked is dependent on most read.


Advice to fellow hobby bloggers:

Have fun. Sod the statistics. 🙂

Request to my readers:

Would you people kindly SHARE my posts when you enjoyed them?! (Just saying.)

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