In a Stately Home

Today, a photo post in response to Thursday Doors by Norm 2.0:

Fourth George Room, Burghley House
Fourth George Room, Burghley House

The door itself is nothing much to look at… but the setting is everything you can desire!

Burghley House

Burghley House in Stamford was built by William Cecil, first minister and treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I.

I would have liked to suggest that it was built by Spanish gold (specifically I had Drake’s voyage round the world in mind) but sadly I think it’s probably not true! To begin with, Cecil was engaged in the building works for a good while before Drake’s famous trip, and on top of that, it seems that at that particular time in history he was in fact not in favour of antagonising Spain – therefore he probably did not contribute to the funding of Drake’s venture (missing out on a whopping 4700% return).

And in focus is?

This photo clearly shows the limitations of phone cameras: you can’t really manipulate the image other than choosing the angle where you take the picture from, which here means nothing is left in clear focus in the end. I still like the image but the lesson seems obvious: this is not the way to compose a picture with a phone!

(The picture would also have been greatly improved if I opened the door to show more of the next room and moved the black statuette which shows in the bottom left corner out of the way… but here we’re coming to the realms of fantasy, rearranging the furniture in somebody else’s stately home.)

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