Pride & Prejudice in a Dozen Tweets

One of the bloggers I read writes a Twitter round-up for a proper website. I usually ignore it – I mean it’s a Twitter round-up, for god’s sake! – but the other day I decided to take a look. This had three immediate effects on me:

  1. I had a fit of hysterical laughter – are these tweets for real?!
  2. I congratulated myself for never having signed up for a Twitter account – I always knew no-one possibly can have anything worthwhile to say in 160 characters, especially on a daily basis.
  3. I got inspired.

So here I present you with:

Pride & Prejudice in a Dozen (Inane) Tweets


Happy news!! A rich young man just moved in next door.


Met an arrogant p***k at the party last night who said I wasn’t pretty enough to dance with. His loss! tongue


Got soaked yesterday and now I’ve got a cold. ill Drinking Lemsip at Netherfield with Lizzy.





Collins asked Lizzy 2 marry him & she said NO, haha…!!! Mum’s hysterical!



Just got married to @charlottelucas. See my wedding list at John Lewis.


Can’t help loving you. @lizzybennet, will you marry me?


 @darcy Are you the last man on earth? No?… Because that would be the only inducement!


On a tour of #Derbyshire with Lizzy. Visited #Pemberley today, nice house and gardens. Had no idea about Lizzy and Darcy! @lizzybennet you sly thing!


Completely mistaken about both D and W… Feeling like an idiot now! confused


Woke up today as Mrs Lydia Wickham heartheartheartLove u hubby heartheartheart


DD1, 2 and 5 all married! Trump that @ladylucas

(P.S. Jane Austen is getting dizzy in her grave…)

Links:The Twitter round-up responsible for all of the above! (I found KP's feet particularly inspiring...)
⇒ For those of you who consider Pride and Prejudice a far too long and arduous read: a one page comic strip version!
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2 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice in a Dozen Tweets

  1. belshade

    I know I am a philistine – but I feel you have brought that novel to its appropriate level! Purely personal opinion of course – to so many a masterpiece – or is it an example of the emperor’s new clothes? Des.


    1. Not a Jane Austen fan then? 🙂

      I like Pride & Prejudice, a very entertaining read and it used to be one of my favourite books in my twenties. But it’s true that as soon as I thought of reducing a novel to a series of tweets, it was the first that came to mind. However, this is no reflection on the quality of Austen’s writing which is great but is due to the fact that the plot lent itself to tweeting easily. All the same I have to admit that I found it surprisingly hard to come up with the tweets… to begin with I kept straining into three-syllable-word territory, something that is clearly beyond most Twitter-users. 🙂


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