Venice in Black & White II

It’s been a while since we’ve been to Italy… and the weather outside is pretty grey (this passes for summer hereabouts), so I thought it was time for a new instalment of Venice in Black & White.

Enjoy. 🙂

Venice Molo bw P1010683

Venice bridge bw P1020320

Venice Grand Canal bw IMG_3051

Venice Museo Correr chariot group bw IMG_3272

Venice piazza bw P1020078

Venice has long ago run out of building space so whenever the Venetians want to build something new, they have to pull something else down. So for the art/architecture/history enthusiasts among you: A description of churches that were demolished to make room for, among others, the railway station, a prison and public gardens...

I used to tag all photoposts with 'Waterblogged photography' - but now that Photography is becoming quite a regular part of the blog, with its own category, I'm stopping that. Any of you who only followed the tag in Reader, please subscribe to the blog directly if interested in continuing.

8 thoughts on “Venice in Black & White II

    1. It’s one of those places (like Santorini) that are so famous that you think it will be a let down: it can’t possibly live up to its hype!… And then you go there and you find it does live up to its hype. 🙂


        1. Yes, I too had to realise at some point that not all photos are good in black and white! But the photos you’ve got to accompany your posts are just what you want I think so I wouldn’t necessarily bother with black and white…

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