Upwards (In Search of the Red Squirrel)

Formby in Lancashire is famous for its beach, its sand dunes and its pine woods where you can still see the elusive red squirrel. (Shame about the Irish Sea.)

We were there last week and I was the only one of the family who saw the red squirrel; because I was the one with the camera. I lagged behind the rest of them, trying to compose a shot, and there was the squirrel, running up a tree (albeit not this particular tree). If I was a better photographer, I’d have got him.

The last time I saw a red squirrel was full six years ago near the Escorial in Spain. At the time I had so few pretensions to being a photographer that – despite being a tourist –  I didn’t even carry a camera. Will I be a good enough photographer to capture a red squirrel skimming up the tree by the next time I see one?… Some goal.

In the meantime, I give you the pine tree.

Upwards Tree Formby P1010529

In reply to Cee’s Which Way? Challenge.

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