Andalusian Slow-Roast Pork

Travelling educates your mind; and if you travel with Mr Anglo-Saxonist, it also educates your taste buds. He’s a great believer in eating the local food.

In ages bygone, after you returned from abroad, you could only eat exotic dishes again if you found a restaurant run by immigrants near your home. But one of three things you can thank the internet for is that you can now find recipes and source prime ingredients from just about anywhere in the world. (The other two are Project Gutenberg and my blog.)

I no longer remember where in Andalusia we had the slow-roast pork: Seville, Granada, Córdoba… (I do remember it wasn’t Cádiz.) Maybe we never actually had it?

The recipe below originates with the Tapas Lunch Company and Mr Anglo-Saxonist was so delighted with it that he hardly changed it. (A thing practically unheard of.)

Ingredients (couldn’t be cheaper):

pork belly
garlic cloves
fennel seeds
rock – not sea – salt (Don’t even think of asking me!)
olive oil

How much of each?

Well, how many people do you want to feed?… For reference, the Tapas Lunch Company, who clearly understand what benefits their business :), started off with 3 kilos of pork belly, 7 cloves of garlic and 2 tablespoons of fennel seeds. (Be liberal with the garlic. If you don’t like garlic, cook something else.)

Preparation (couldn’t be simpler):

  1. Prepare a marinade of oil, crushed garlic and crushed fennel seeds and rub it into the fleshy side of the pork belly. Rub the salt on the skin and marinade for 24 hours before cooking.
  2. Scrape off the salt before putting it into the oven. Roast it at 230 C for half an hour. Reduce heat to 190 C and cook for another two and half hours.
  3. When done, put it under the grill for a few minutes to crisp the skin.
Don't know where's your next read is coming from? Try Project Gutenberg.
Cook Spanish? Recipes from the Tapas Lunch Company.

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