Malta in Black & White

Today’s miscellany is in the manner of my Venice in Black & White at the end of May (which was easily one of my most popular photo posts) and it doubles as response to Cee’s Compose Yourself photo challenge on the theme of Black & White: The Basics.

I took these photos when I was still under the impression that photography’s only purpose was to faithfully re-create the colourful, aromatic, tactile reality of the 3-D world around me, less than a year ago, during our holiday on Malta. Only one of the photos was taken with an actual camera, the rest were captured on phone.

Today, having read Cee’s explanation on the importance of texture and contrast in determining what makes a good black & white photo, I put a dozen likely looking photos through the black & white filter in the computer. This is what’s left:

Medieval Street, Mdina, Malta
Street in Mdina
Leaving Sliema (with view of Valletta across the harbour)
Off for a day’s cruising from Sliema (view of Valletta across the harbour)
Fountain, Upper Barrakka Gardens
Fountain at night in the Upper Barrakka Gardens
Valletta at night
Valletta at night
View from Sliema with Fort St Elmo
View from Sliema with Fort St Elmo

I chose the first three for texture, the fourth for contrast, and the last one for both.

Wishing you all a sunny Sunday!

Malta has a very interesting history and it inspired me to write more than one post so here's a selection of links to some of them - topics range from books on Maltese history through advice on how to overcome your fear of flying (with a book, obviously!) to photos of the place. 
The Great Siege: Malta 1565
Stick & Rudder (No Fear of Flying)
Faith, Hope and Charity
Street Art in St Ursula Street Valletta

15 thoughts on “Malta in Black & White

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    1. It’s a really nice place with lots of history – but you already know that, if you’ve been there before… 🙂 We had only had a week there and though we did our best to see as much as possible, we still missed out on a lot!


      1. You had a lifetime compared to a stop on our Mediterranean Cruise. We only skimmed the surface. I do have some wonderful photos, especially of the walls as you enter the port in the early morning light.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Were you on one of those huge cruise liners? Some of the were as high as the town walls! We stayed in Valletta in a street just off the Grand Harbour and the tooting of their horns woke us every morning at six… And was then immediately followed by the mad tolling of the bells of the many churches. 🙂 Luckily I’m usually an early riser… But if you like to sleep in I don’t recommend staying in Valletta despite of its wonderful atmosphere! 🙂


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