7 thoughts on “L for… Light (II)

    1. It was really beautiful… Sadly the picture is nowhere as good as the real thing! But I just grabbed my phone and clicked away, like five or six times. Most of them came out blurry or trees got in the way… This one came out the best. Could have been better with a camera but as my husband likes to remind me, the best camera is the one that you’ve actually got with you! 🙂


      1. Wow thought your photo was great, so the reality must have been incredible . . . .and your hubby is right not that that ever stops me from wanting a better camera when I am out taking photographs!

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    1. It was truly like light streaming out of heaven (and I’m not religious), the shafts of light very clear and visible and the bit of the sea they fell on so bright. The picture doesn’t half does it justice, sadly.

      I never thought I cared for sunrises and sunsets because I thought they were so clichéd but there’s a bloke on Instagram who takes loads of sunrise and sunset photos of Madrid and they’re mindboggling… I wish I could do it. (Although I’m sure it does help if you don’t have to be up and on location by 4 am or until 11 pm – like you do in England right now.)

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