A Day Trip to Granada

I only visited Granada once but hope to go back there someday. And when I go back, I’ll make sure I pack a jumper.

We were staying in Seville for a week and we took the train for a day trip to Granada. It was the end of October but it was warm and sunny, and we had been wandering around Seville in summer clothes, eating a lot of ice-cream. On the train, the ticket inspector took one look at us, in t-shirts, shorts and summer dresses, and exclaimed, “It’s very cold in Granada!” Assuming that we didn’t understand Spanish, she proceeded to illustrate what she meant by treating us to an excellent pantomime: she hugged herself, gave a huge shiver, stomped her feet, then rubbed her hands together, repeating, “Mucho frío…” (Very cold.) After she moved on, we laughingly agreed among ourselves that the Spanish obviously considered anything below 20 degrees as cold… but naturally, as ‘hardy northerners’, we’d be fine. Well, we should have taken her more seriously, although it was too late to do anything about it by then of course. Because what we didn’t realise was that Seville is down on the plains and Granada is up in the mountains. It was cold, windy and it was raining on and off all day. The kind of weather you get in London at the end of October, in fact.

And so my picture of the Alhambra is suitably overcast.

The Alhambra of Granada
The Alhambra of Granada

5 thoughts on “A Day Trip to Granada

  1. Tronsawyer

    How true! You can get the warmest weather in Granada but in October… hum, it can be very cold in the night particularly. But with or without a pleasure the Alhambra will never disappoint you.
    So, just go and risk😊


    1. Tronsawyer

      I meant “with or without cold weather to visit Granada is a pleasure and the Alhambra will never disaappoint you”.


    2. arwen1968

      Granada was fabulous even if it was freezing cold. 🙂 I’d really like to go back; one day was never going to be enough, but it was a family holiday with six of us in the party and we tried to please everybody. So we stayed in Sevilla, and did a day trip to Córdoba and Granada each, and then another to Cádiz to please the lovers of beaches. Málaga was vetoed by the only member of the family who’s ever been there. 🙂 It was a great holiday.
      You should read the article in Jot Down (it’s in Spanish) about the palace of Charles V – I think you’d like it. There’s a link to in one of my older posts: The Palace of Charles V in Granada


      1. Tronsawyer

        Love to read you had such a good time. Sure, one day is not enough but at least you got the feeling of how the city is. I guess two/three days is optimal.
        I think flying to Andalusia is quite easy. Just going to Málaga and from there either with car or bus.
        Well, Málaga is nice but I think if you have visited Córdoba, Granada and Seville you already saw the most beautiful cities in Andalusia Well, Cádiz is also very nice. Málaga is worth a visit anyway😊


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