Red Arrows

The day 18 assignment calls for an edge that ‘packs a punch’: a straight line, a narrow ridge or a precipice. (I’m still waiting for the assignment for the divine curve! Because my favourite photo that I’ve taken putting to use what I managed to learn from photo101 so far and of which I’m inordinately proud wants to be shared.)

But for the moment, a straight line. Something tells me that I might have more than one go at this…


The thing that really gets me about this whole photography course is the many different ways you can interpret a simple assignment when it comes to visuals. If somebody told me ‘write an essay about straight lines’, well, I don’t know, I might end up quoting Euclid’s Geometry and others might go on about how parallels meet in infinity but in the end, we’re still talking about, well, straight lines? But when  you start to talk imagery a straight line could be anything. An architectural feature. The spine of a book on the coffee table. A contrail.


6 thoughts on “Red Arrows

    1. Actually, I think it was a smoke trail they were doing… they weren’t high enough to have contrails. And I certainly remember them drawing a Union Jack on the sky in blue and red smoke at some point during the show. 🙂


        1. It was. 🙂 Among other things, it included a mock first world war aerial battle, the traditional Lancaster accompanied by Spitfires, the penultimate flight of the last Vulcan bomber (it only made one more appearance at an air show before being consigned to a museum) and the absolutely earsplitting performance of a Eurofighter Typhoon. As you can guess: I love aeroplanes. (Ships, too, I have to admit.)


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