TGI Maundy Thursday

Day 17 (as you see I’m permanently a day behind!) is on the theme of glass… as in, say, the view through a window.

I didn’t even consider bothering taking a picture specifically for this assignment, partly because I was too busy blogging about The Burning Mountain of Huexotzinco…  but chiefly because I’ve got half a dozen – at least – set of photos from the last half year alone with views through windows. The difficulty was to decide which one to go for.

To begin with I had the rare fortune to have a window seat on the plane on our recent holiday to Malta, with the result that from the Alps to the Blue Lagoon I’ve got an aerial shot of half of Europe with accompanying screenshots of the compass bearing from my phone. Then there was the family visit when I was rather bored and kept taking pictures of the view through the window… Then there was the cocktail bar last week when I thought I’d photograph a passing bus through the window for the motion assignment while I was waiting for my husband to turn up… Then there are the hundreds of pictures of objects in the British Museum in their glass cases…

In the end, the cocktail bar won. Not because it’s the best picture but because I like the atmosphere and the colours. Besides, at least, I was attempting to take a picture at the time specifically for a photo101 assignment, even if not this one.



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