The Flamenco Dancer (Or Give Me a Building Any Time)

Assignment for Day 13: Motion. To capture a moment, something or somebody in motion.


I tried to do this for several days. There was the passing tube train (lucky I didn’t fall in front of it) on the way to work. There were the cyclists in the street. I made five – at the very least – attempts at Boris buses. In my lunch break, I went and startled some ducks on the duck pond in the erstwhile village green (erstwhile seeing it’s now in London). I tried black cabs going round Trafalgar Square. I held up the phone with the camera on pointing down the street for a quarter of an hour in the hope of catching a person jogging but nobody was. (But as soon as I gave up and put the phone away, somebody rushed past trying to catch the bus. Just my luck.) I saw a speedboat on the Thames – it refused to speed.

Anyhow, every single picture I snapped turned out to be rubbish. The subject either went out of the frame or it appeared to stand stock still. The ducks taking off the duck pond were the best as far as motion went but, frankly, it was a pitiful picture (a pitiful series of pictures). I deleted the lot of them.

So I was reduced to look through old photos and finally found this:


I did take this, honest. Four years ago. By accident.

My husband who knows something about photography says the reason I couldn’t take a half-decent picture showing motion with the phone was that it’s a computer and assumed I was just a rubbish photographer and did its best to compensate for my failures. He’s probably right. I should have taken the proper camera. It was a proper – well, it was a – camera as opposed to the phone that I took the flamenco dancer with.

As a wholly irrelevant note on the margin, the best Spanish flamenco guitarist once paired up with a very good English jazz musician and this is the resulting album: Hands by Dave Holland and Pepe Habichuela. Just saying.

But as far as taking pictures of flamenco dancers is concerned (or anybody and anything that moves): give me a building any time. In fact, while I was desperately trying to snap a black cab going round Trafalgar Square, I got slightly distracted and took this picture of the Admiralty Arch. Far better than the flamenco dancer. And it stayed still while I figured out the right angle.



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