A Visit to Rome

My Sophisticated Young Lady has jetted off to Rome with her Classics class a couple of days ago. This lead to three immediate consequences:

  1. Young Friend of the Elephants acquired her own e-mail address so that she could send e-mails full of anguish to her big sister.
  2. I have to do all the housework.
  3. I was left ruminating enviously about books set in Italy.

But while I’m ruminating about those books set in Italy, I’d like to invite you for a fleeting visit to Rome:


Italian: Roma
Coordinates: 41°54′N 12°30′E
Time zone: Central European Time
Founded: 753 BC
Population: 2,9 million
Current weather: 17 C, sunny

The Trevi Fountain in Rome. Toss in a coin, and you’ll come back…

Some sayings about Rome:

All roads lead to Rome
To see Rome and die
Rome wasn’t built in a day
When in Rome, do as the Romans do
And some more…


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