Taking Myself Seriously

I decided to take myself seriously as a blogger from now on. (Well, somebody has to.) So I signed up for a basic photography course with the so-called Blogging University – those of you who live your lives on WordPress.com you know what I’m talking about, the rest of you, don’t waste your time looking it up.

Doing this course requires me to post my attempts at photography (a fine fancy word for my random pictures) on my blog so that my course mates can provide feedback. So far so good. I fail to see, however, why I would want to inflict this on you, that is on people who come to this blog for reading my clever thoughts about books (my thoughts about clever books, all right?), so I found a home for my stunning photography – right here!

And the reason for me taking photos?

Because I read that damnably interesting interview with Arturo Pérez-Reverte in JotDown in December… which took me 3 days to plough through. (And it even had pictures in it!) The one that prompted me to write Taking the Prado to Atocha Station which is one of my favourite posts (even if it is nobody else’s apart from Leenna, hi there, fellow soul).

Basically, I realised that reading long texts on screen is not the same as reading it on paper – it’s much more like hard work – and since I’m not willing to give up my propensity to ramble, I have to find another way to make it easier on the readers… Besides, I’m sick of crediting everything to Wikipedia. And I’d like to take a half-decent picture of the kids before they grow up altogether. (Too late in the case of one of them.)

And finally – I’m a nearly week behind with the photography course in Week One already because I was half-dead with the flu and am only just beginning to sit up and smell the roses again… which is why you’re getting this post instead of The Forgotten Battle (coming soon). Sorry!


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