Street Art in St Ursula Street Valletta

Saw this on the wall of one of the buildings in St Ursula Street, Valletta, Malta.

St Ursula Street – Triq Sant’ Orsla for those of you who speak Maltese 🙂 – is a narrow street with blocks of flats, running lenghtwise on the peninsula towards Fort St Elmo, and terminating in a row of steps at the opposite end leading up towards to the Upper Barrakka Gardens and the Auberge de Castille.

From the distance I first noticed a glow of red light in what I assumed to be somebody’s window but from closer up it turned out to be just a little wall niche with the picture of a saint – presumably St Ursula. In daytime you tend to pass it without noticing; the streets of Valletta are full of buildings of character and without the red glow this does not stand out.


The Maltese are very Catholic – more so than the Spanish in my experience – but then this is the island where St Paul was shipwrecked and of course they were ruled by the Knights of St John for nearly 300 years. On Sunday morning the churches were full – and there were lots of churches. If you like to sleep in when on holiday, don’t stay in Valletta; it’s impossible to sleep through the steady toll of church bells all around you early in the morning. (Not to mention the foghorns of the huge cruise liners arriving in or leaving Grand Harbour!)

Thank you to Justmeplease for the idea of a post about street art…


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