Ten @ Ten

I got bitten by the list mania bug today and here’s my first list: my top ten books when I was about ten. So here goes, in no particular order:

All right, it’s eleven.

5 thoughts on “Ten @ Ten

  1. I love “Swallows and Amazons” and the rest of the series as well. I also love the Little House books, Rosemary Sutcliffs young adult books, “Winnie the Pooh”, of course. But if I started a list, I’d run out of space and time so I’ll just stop there.


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    1. Welcome to my world! 🙂

      I was an adult by the time I came across the Little House books, hence not on this list. I remember Sophisticated Young Lady reading Little House on the Prairie when she was seven. I found it in a second hand bookshop nearby as I recall and she loved it, so we got a few more of them.


      1. My belief is that good children’s and young adult books are good books for all ages. Look at the Narnia books or Lord of the Rings and the books we’re talking about. Much of what’s out there today just seems like sensational junk to me, but maybe I’ve turned into an old fogey. Hot girls and guys in high school and shimmering vampires aren’t my cup of tea. 🙂

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        1. Nor mine, either. 🙂

          I’m in complete agreement about good children’s books. I can pick up any of those and re-read them with pleasure – in fact, I periodically do. 🙂


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