Why Not To Blog About Books (Pride and Prejudice)

I read an article in El País about Jane Austen. The author used some 500 words to say what could have been tweeted: viz. that Jane Austen was a good writer and Pride and Prejudice is a good book. Much writing about books and literature is like that: too many words to describe something that would be better read. And it’s difficult to say something new about a book; usually whatever you want to say has been said before – and better. So where does that leave anyone who wants to blog about books? Don’t bother.

Pride and Prejudice was my favourite book in my twenties. It manages to be witty about something utterly mundane. Jane Austen is all about character observation and style. The plot is not important.

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2 thoughts on “Why Not To Blog About Books (Pride and Prejudice)

  1. I love reading unique book reviews — with a more personal twist. WHY is one drawn to a certain book? What about it sparked thought or feeling in an individual? Otherwise I glaze over, and I agree that reading a standard/summary review of a book such as Pride & Prejudice feels like a waste of time. However, if I see a new review of an old favorite, I can’t help but take a peek. I think there’s an art to reviewing a classic in a novel way.


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